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Kane School District Policies

Effective School management requires sound, clearly written, legally valid policies. This Policy Reference Manual has been prepared for the Utah School Boards Association by Burbidge and White, L.L.C. to be used by school districts located within the State of Utah in meeting the need for such policies. The policies have been adapted to the needs of the Kane County School District and adopted by the Kane County School Board. The policies are based on the United States and Utah Constitutions, federal and state statutes, case law, Attorney General Opinions, State Board of Education Rules and Regulations and Federal Regulations. The following points of information and direction should be observed in use of this Policy Manual:

1. This Policy Manual is a tool that contains policies applicable to schools in most districts. The policies contained in this manual are broadly written to address the general needs of all schools in the district. It is likely that some of the policies will have to be modified to meet the specific needs of individual schools. This may be accomplished only by application to the School Board. In addition, it is likely that the Manual does not contain all the policies that the specific circumstances of a particular school may warrant. The School Board will seek input and render decisions as required. 

2. The Policies contained in this manual are the policy of the Kane County School District. Change, modification, or deviation may only be made by the School Board. 

3. Legal citations are not a part of the policies, but are provided so that each school can determine the source of a requirement embodied in a policy.

4. The laws governing school districts change frequently and, therefore, policies may need to be updated or added to the Policy Reference Manual from time to time. An "update policy service" available from the Utah School Boards Association in conjunction with Burbidge and White, L.L.C. is utilized to add new policies in light of changes in the law or as new needs are perceived.

5. The Policy Reference Manual is organized into seven primary reference sections, each devoted to a separate area of school district governance except the first section: 

The Policy Reference Manual adopts the common practice followed throughout the nation of indexing policies by an alphabetic system of reference. Each section of the Manual is preceded by an index that lists the policy topics in that section with its respective alphabetic designation. Specific page numbers are not given and pages are not numbered consecutively. Thus, the Manual can be expanded by new policies following the existing alphabetic system without changing all index reference for policies previously adopted. 
Margin notes provide a key to the content of the paragraph they accompany. However, such margin notes are not a part of the policy and should not be used to help interpret the policy.

At the bottom of each policy the reference "issue date" appears. When a policy is adopted and becomes a part of an individual school district's policies, each policy should show the issue date. The "most recent issue date" shows the most recently issued policy that supersedes any prior policy on the same subject.

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