Welcome Natalie Barney and Amber Hooper

The Kane County School District recently received a $60,000 grant from the Utah State Board of Education to increase student access to school counselors in the middle school. Amber Hooper, currently the Career and Technical Family Consumer Science teacher at Kanab High School, was hired to fill the new counseling position at Kanab Middle School and will provide additional assistance at Kanab High with the student transition to 9th grade. With Mrs. Hooper moving into school counseling, it created a vacancy in the Career and Technical Family Consumer Science classes. We are pleased to announce that Natalie Barney has been selected as the new full-time Family Consumer Science/ Adult Roles teacher for Kanab Middle, Kanab High and Valley High School.  We welcome Mrs. Barney to the Kane County School District and congratulate Mrs. Hooper on her new school counseling position.