Kindergarten Reading Success

The Kane County School District implemented full-day kindergarten this year, where we have seen remarkable student growth. In May of last year, we had 79% reading at or above benchmark grade level on their Acadience Reading assessment. In December 2023, we conducted midyear reading assessments for kindergarten students, and we found that 80% of them were at or above the benchmark. At Valley Elementary, they finished in May 2023 with 65% of their students at or above the Acadience Reading assessment. In December 2023, they were at 94% of the students at or above the benchmark. Essentially, we have more students reading at or above grade level at the midyear point of the year than we did last year at the end of the school year. I’d like to congratulate the students for all of their success and thank Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Tarver, Mrs. Heath, and Mrs. Harris for their amazing efforts in Kindergarten.  Also, a special thanks to the para-educators, parents, and other adults who have helped the students in the educational process.