Concurrent Enrollment Opportunities

Over the past five years, the Kane County School District has worked diligently to provide industry-certified programs for students in our district. Currently, the district has an accredited cosmetology program through Snow College and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program through Utah Tech University. Students have the option to complete these programs while they are in high school or continue to earn their certifications after they graduate.  As a district, we are working to expand certificated programs by providing an accredited welding program this fall for students. High school students have taken advantage of the concurrent enrollment opportunities; for example, the number of students in the CNA over the past five years is as follows:  2020- 7, 2021- 4, 2022- 3, 2023- 7, 2024- 6: Total of 27 CNA students. 

We would like to thank Nikki Johnson and Stasha Hoyt for being the Kane County cosmetology instructors and for Cassidie Reidhead for being the instructor for the CNA program. As a district, we would like to congratulate these students on their academic accomplishments.