School Letter Grades

The Utah State Board of Education recently released School Letter Grades for all public schools across the state as part of its annual report. School letter grades are based primarily on student proficiency levels on the end-of-year state assessments. This is the first year that schools have received school letter grades since the COVID pandemic. State-wide test scores have shown increased proficiency levels compared to the 2020-2021 school year, but still fell short compared to the 2019 achievement scores. For example, 66% of second grades tested at or above the benchmarks, according to the Acadience reading assessment, in spring of 2022, which shows an increase from 64% in the spring of 2021. However, it’s down from 71% in 2019.

Only 26 public high schools earned an “A” grade: 3 schools in 1A, 4- schools in 2A, 3 schools in 3A, 2 schools in 4A, 7 schools in 5A, 5 schools in 6A, and 2 online schools. Valley High School’s public school letter grade was earned with 74.2% proficiency, behind Skyline High School at 75.4%. Valley High and Valley Elementary both earned an “A” school grade. Kanab Elementary, Middle, and High School earned a “B” letter grade. Kanab High received the “Exemplary” status in student growth in core classes, and growth of the lowest 25%. Kanab Middle School earned an “Exemplary” classification in growth in core classes, and growth of the lowest 25%. Kanab Elementary received a rating of “Commendable” in the student growth category in core classes, and growth of the lowest 25%. Big Water and Lake Powell schools did not receive a published letter grade because of the small number of students who participated in the assessments. The school letter grades for the Kane School District are as follows:

We would like to thank the students, faculty, staff, and school administration for all their hard work. Thanks to the parents/guardians for their assistance in the educational process. It takes all stakeholders working collaboratively to receive such outstanding academic accomplishments. If you would like more information on school letter grades, please access the following link: