October Enrollment

Utah public schools conduct student enrollment counts based on the number of students enrolled on October 1st of each school year and are tied directly to the distribution of state and federal funding to each school district. Kane School District’s October 1st count for the last year (2021-2022) was 1,402 students. Compared to the current 2022-2023 October 1st count of 1,424 identifies an increase of 22 students district-wide in one school year. Typically, in the Kane School District, we see a yearly increase of 10 and 15 students. The largest classes in Kanab are the 1st grade, with 91 students, and the 8th grade, with 90 students. In Valley, the largest class is the 1st grade, with 32 students. To address the student growth in the 1st grade classes, the district hired two additional teachers to help ensure smaller class sizes and provide students with the needed interventions in reading. We are happy to welcome the 22 new students to our district.