Amendment G

On the upcoming November ballot you will see Amendment G, which if approved would make changes to the Utah income tax revenue that can currently only be used for Utah Schools. If Amendment G passes, it would allow income tax dollars to be transferred to additional programs for children and the disabled. House Bill 357 was passed earlier this year and is dependent on the passage of Amendment G, which creates a public education stabilization fund intended to help schools during economic downturns where income tax may fluctuate.  Also, if Amendment G passes, legislators would be required to fund student enrollment growth, and additional funding to keep current with inflation rates.  However, some groups have expressed concerns that if Amendment G passes as it would change the Utah Constitution Article X Section 2, where it currently states all revenue from taxes on intangible property or from a tax on income shall be used to support the systems of public education and higher education.  I would encourage the voters to review and study the information related to Amendment G to make an informed decision when you cast your vote November 3, 2020.