Covid Quarantine Modification

On Thursday October 8th, school districts across the state received notice from the Utah State Board of Education, Utah Department of Health, and the Governor’s Office on changes related to COVID quarantine protocol referred to as the “Low Risk Test and Return Guidance”.  We have been informed by these organizations that the changes align with the best practices based on risk factors to prevent the spread of the virus.  Prior to the changes, any student or employee who was within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more of an individual who has tested positive would be required to be quarantined for 14 days.

With the new updated changes, students and faculty could be tested on seventh day of quarantine and if they receive a negative test and are not experiencing symptoms, they could return to school or work if the exposure occurred at school and both were wearing a face mask. Being tested is optional with parent approval. Students that choose not to be tested can come back to school once the 14-day quarantine has expired and they are showing no symptoms. We appreciate the changes at the state level to allow our students and staff to return to school at a shortened quarantine time with a negative test and no symptoms. Kane School District has made arrangements the Kane County Hospital to accommodate the testing process for our students and employees. We also appreciate the Kane County Hospital for their assistance in providing our students and employees with testing resources.