Covid 19 Updates

COVID-19 and Move to Level Orange

Last Friday Governor Herbert signed an executive order that officially moved the State of Utah from the Red Level (High Risk) to the Orange Level (Moderate Risk) for COVID-19. With this movement we have seen a partial reopening of businesses and the economy across the state. As Governor Herbert, Health Professionals and Scientists have stated, this is not a full opening. The state and local communities are slowly working their way back. Some highlights of level Orange are listed below:

Who could be coming into schools?

  • No more than several students at a time (small group or one on one tutoring)
  • Lower grade students with focus on literacy and mathematics
  • Seniors needing credit recovery for graduation
  • Students with disabilities needing accommodations and specialized services
  • Students enrolled in CTE courses that require on-site work with equipment to pass industry exams or certifications
  • Students who have been non-engaged but may be willing to come to the building
  • Students learning English who need additional language support to access content

What safety precautions need to be in place?

  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet between individuals including teacher
  • All adults wearing masks
  • Sanitize surfaces after each student or small group leaves
  • Use a single entry point of coming and going from building, keep all other doors locked
  • Teachers/aides stay in room and avoid mingling together
  • Any student or adult with illness should not be admitted to the building

For additional information on Utah’s Moderate Risk Phase (Orange) please see the following link: Kane School District will move forward with the state guidelines under the Orange classifications. School facilities will remain closed in accordance with Governor Herbert’s and Southwest Health Department’s Social Guidelines and Outdoor Recreation, which include parks and playgrounds. Please know that Utah has not yet reached its peak and daily infections are still increasing. Please be cautious as you go out into the community. The governor has encouraged each of us to wear a mask when going out in public.