Grading Options & Information

Letter to Parents from Kane District

We are committed to our students in providing fairness in grading guidelines throughout this unprecedented time in our history. We want to assure you that the uniqueness of this situation and the quickness of its implementation will not negatively impact student opportunities for scholarships and entrance into universities. We acknowledge that grading is the sole responsibility of the teacherOnly a teacher has the unique perspective that allows for a grade to be issued. Our goal is to relieve any unnecessary worry/concern over grades – yet still maintain the integrity of the work our teachers and students are engaged in. The following grading guidelines have been shared with principals and teachers:

● The following letter grades will continue to be used: A, B, C

● A “P”(Pass) will be an option that students may elect to use for individual classes, as they deem necessary. Parents must inform the teacher for this option no later than May 21, 2020.

● Students selecting the “P” option should make sure that they check with their counselor to ensure choosing the “P” option will not have an adverse effect on any post-secondary scholarships, both academic and athletic.

● A “NG”(No Grade) may be used for students electing to not participate in distant learning.

Grade Credit Awarded?
GPA Affect?
Letter Grade (A-C)
Yes Yes
F *Strongly Recommending no F grades Yes
P (Parental request) Yes No
I (temporary time extension) No No
NG (repeat course) No No

We understand that the current situation is most peculiar; one that we have never experienced before. We are sympathetic and assure all involved that we know there are additional, unique pressures placed upon our students, parents, families, teachers and support staff. 

Thank you for your continued support.