KSD update on School Closure

Kane District Update March 30, 2020

Last week Governor Gary R. Herbert released a directive to Stay Safe, Stay Home. Schools across the state of Utah will also be closed until May 1st. As parents, you may be wondering how this directive affects the educational process in our schools. The Governor’s directive calls for students to “not attend school outside the home” and “not allow children to play on public playgrounds”. With this directive, any small groups or tutoring that was occurring at the school buildings will cease and move to virtual instruction. Adults in the building are limited to essential personnel and educators should be working from home.

School lunch will continue to be provided throughout the Kane School District. Approximately 1427 school lunches have been delivered throughout the district over the past six days and we recognize the importance of continuing to provide this service. We appreciate the lunch workers, bus drivers and para-educators who help to provide meals for our students. Information on the district food services program can be found at https://kanek12.org/.

We would like to thank all of the teachers who have worked diligently to provide digital instruction to our students. In an effort to provide additional Wi-Fi connectivity, the Kane School District has placed school buses with internet connections at the Ranchos Park, Kanab City Park, Glendale LDS Church Parking Lot, and Tod’s Junction. Students can use these “hot spot” locations to connect directly to the internet with their Chromebooks. If your student is struggling with the digital instruction, please contact the classroom teacher through email or phone as soon as possible or contact the building administrator. Please create a schedule for your students identifying their teacher’s office hours and live instruction schedules to help them schedule their education instruction.  Also, thanks to the parents for everything you are doing in your homes to help facilitate the digital instruction, your assistance and efforts are greatly appreciated!