VHS Artwork

Members of the Kane County School Board recently attended the Utah School Board Association conference in Salt Lake City where student artwork from Valley High School was displayed.  We would like to thank Mrs. Goulding and her students for providing such wonderful artwork from our district.  A special thanks to Laifey Cox, Robert Beardall and Keziah Palmer for their artwork pictured below with board members Brian Goulding, Dr. LoRal Linton, Lisa Livingston and Supt. Ben Dalton.  Also, Abigail Bonham, Layton Spencer, and Madison Steed from Valley High School were selected as winners in the SUMA-SEDC Art Show and their work will be displaced at SUMA  at 13 South, 300 West in Cedar City until February 15th. A special thanks to the Kane County School Board for their support of the Arts across our district.