Kindergarten Options

The Utah Legislature passed HB 477 last year, providing funding for full-day kindergarten across the state. The bill also allows parents the option to enroll their students in half-day kindergarten. Prior to the passage of HB 477, only 37% of the students attended full-day kindergarten, and this year the number increased to 77% of students who attended full-day kindergarten across the state. In the Kane County School District, we have 100% of the students at Valley Elementary. At Kanab Elementary School, 81% of our students attend full-day kindergarten. With the full day kindergarten, we have seen substantial growth in student reading proficiency this year. For example, in December of 2023, we had more kindergarten students reading on grade level than we have ever had in the past.  As we begin our kindergarten registration for next year, we want to make parents aware of the available options.