Legislative Update

The 2024 Utah Legislative Session will end on March 1st, where public education continues to be a focal point with over one hundred new bills. A few bills that may be of interest are HB182 by Representative Lisonbee, titled Student Survey Amendments. This bill requires parent consent for any non-academic survey given to students. HB415 School Fee Amendments is a continuation of three years of legislation to remove school fees. Part of the problem with the bills is there is no fiscal note attached to HB415, which means there is no state funding allocated to cover the cost associated with the loss in revenue for the programs. In the Kane County School District, we have removed curricular fees from our fee schedules. The majority of school fees collected in our district are related to extra-curricular activities. If you would like to access the proposed school fees for the 2024-25 school year, you can go the district website kanek12.org and from the dropdown “Quick Links” tab select “Parent/Students”, then “Parent Information & School Fees.”  The Kane County School District will be holding a public comment period on school fees on March 12th at 7:00 pm in the Kanab Center.