Founders and Constitution Recogntion

In the 2023 Utah Legislative Session, H.B. 179 invited all Utah schools to read directly from the United States Constitution and other primary resources to provide instruction to students on the principles of the constitution that include federalism, checks and balances, separation of powers, popular sovereignty, limited government, and the necessary and proper commerce. Governor Cox declared September as “American Founders and Constitution Month.” In the Kane County School District, we provided educational instruction on the founding fathers and the Constitution as outlined below:


 Our 5th grade has been working toward completing the “Patriot Award”. This is quite involved and can take the entire year to complete. They are also doing a writing assignment about what freedom means to them. They compete to be able to read their essay during our Veteran’s Day program. Our music class and 5th-grade classroom teachers will prepare our students to sing patriotic songs for the Veteran’s Day program. Today I observed a Wonders lesson that covered the different branches of government as part of the vocabulary and reading lesson. The biggest thing we do is the Veteran’s Day program.


The Lions Club came to train students on the raising of the flag procedures, as well as taking it down and the proper folding for our 5th Grade. Classes did a unit in Wonders of the Constitution for the month of September. K-6 learned from UEN resources with slideshow and information on The Constitution. Our school is practicing for our Patriotic Assembly in November (songs, music, and skits).


Our History Teacher, Mason Fox, presented an interactive Nearpod presentation with both the 7th and 8th-grade students.  The topics were the Constitution and the importance of our Founding Fathers along with some other surrounding key events. 


Mr. Gary Glover taught specifically designed lessons and activities to increase student understanding of the Constitution and its impact on government. Activities included – Preamble Pictionary and Preamble Rap. Mr. Kevin Orton did class readings and a class research project on the Constitution. Current Events classes focused on Supreme Court rulings, congressional power of impeachment, and presidential pardons. 


Gave out free Constitution booklets to all students, faculty, and staff. Social Studies teacher provided classroom discussion on the Constitution.  We would like to thank all our teachers and administrators for ensuring our students received high-quality instructional opportunities on our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.