Concurrent Enrollment Going Strong

The Kane County School District students continue to take advantage of the concurrent enrollment courses (college classes offered to high school students) at a reduced rate of $15.00 for a three-credit class. Kanab and Valley High students earned 906 college credits in the Spring of 2023 semester and 829 credits during the fall of 2022.  For this school year, students earned 1,735 total college credits, and if you use $300 as an average cost per credit, students saved $520,500 in college tuition. Essentially for every three credit classes a student takes it saves them $900 in tuition. Concurrent enrollment students can earn a General Education certificate that is valid at any university in Utah, or they can complete the associate degree. On behalf of the Kane County School District, we would like to recognize the following students for their academic accomplishments in concurrent enrollment:

General Education Certificate Recipients: 

Max Kartchner, Ava Hafen, Kason Janes, Nathan Jantz, Steven Luo, Trevor Legler, Jordan Cornell, Kessa Wheeler, Samuel Ray, Mia Thebeau, Allie Houston, Kaydie Banks, Saryce Hunt, Eryn Wayne.

Associates Degree Recipients:  

Andy Luo, Tawvoots Spute, Shelby Springall.