Healthcare Student Scholarship

Kane County School District would like to thank the Kane County Hospital for providing students with a $2,500 scholarship for students who pass their qualifying exams in CNA or EMT. Kane County School District offers CNA course certification to students in our district from Utah Tech University, where we currently have seven students enrolled in the program.  The Kane County Hospital has provided the following press release regarding the scholarship:

Healthcare Student Scholarship

Scholarship Purpose and Eligibility


It is the intent of this scholarship to provide the foundation for a future in healthcare as a primary caregiver, preferably in Kane County.  To this end, any student who is a resident of Kane County and is enrolled in a high school program for healthcare such as the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) program or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program, shall be eligible for this scholarship.  Award amounts may vary from year to year.  For the graduating class of 2023, the Hospital Board has designated award amounts of $2,500 to be payable to any accredited institution of higher education leading toward an associate degree, or bachelor’s degree.  A successful award recipient will also be granted a paid intern position at Kane County Hospital for the summer of 2023.


                1.       Must graduate from high school.

2.       Must complete all course work with a satisfactory grade of a “C” or higher.

3.       Must pass the qualifying exams leading to a license or certificate as a CNA or EMT.

4.       Must complete and submit an application to Kane County Hospital, Human Resources Manager prior to April 20, 2023.

5.       Must enroll in and attend an accredited institution of higher education.


                 $ 2,500


 Please answer each of the following questions in the form of an essay with 500 words for each question.  Submit to Kim Nuttall at

1.       If I am awarded this scholarship, how will it benefit me in my future plans for career development?

2.       How will this scholarship benefit the future of healthcare in Kane County?

3.       Where do you see yourself in five years from now?