Full-day Kindergarten

In the last Utah Legislative session, H.B. 477 Full-day Kindergarten Amendment passed and allocated state funding for full-day kindergarten statewide. The bill changes the state’s funding formulas to provide state funds for full-day kindergarten. However, the district will receive the projected revenues for next year in April and will need some time to evaluate the budget to ensure we have the necessary funding. The bill also requires districts to make part-time kindergarten options available to parents. The good news is we will have enough room in the new Kanab Elementary to accommodate a full-day kindergarten. Valley Elementary currently offers full-day kindergarten. We understand the benefits of early intervention available in full-day kindergarten classrooms and support the concept. We need to gather some additional information from the Utah State Board of Education before a final decision is made, but there is a high probability that full-day kindergarten will be an option next year in Kanab.  If you have any questions relating to full-day kindergarten, please feel free to contact me at the district office.