School Bus Update

With the start of school, you may notice more yellow school buses on the road safely transporting students. At Kane County School District, we work diligently to ensure our students have the most reliable transportation by purchasing new buses each year. However, our district ordered one bus on 9-1-21 and a second bus on 2-15-22, and we have not been notified of a possible delivery date yet. The cost of a new school bus is approximately $171,000. As a result of the new bus shortage, districts must continue to use older school buses to transport students which may, in turn, create more breakdowns.  Student transportation is a vital part of our school system where we find students who ride the bus are always on time and have high attendance in our schools. The Kane County School District will continue to work to resolve these issues and prioritize student transportation. We want to thank all the school bus drivers for their daily efforts to ensure students arrive at our schools and activities safely.