Concurrent Enrollment

Kane School District offers many concurrent enrollment classes through Dixie State University, Snow College, and Southern Utah University. Students can enroll in university courses and receive college credit and high school credit for the same class.  Concurrent enrollment classes are only $5.00 per credit, followed by a one-time university admission fee of $30.00. If students are interested, please contact your high school counselor for additional information. 

Sophomores with a 3.0 GPA or higher qualify for concurrent enrollment classes though Snow College. The concurrent courses available to tenth-grade students through Snow College are as follows: 

Art 1010

Music 1010

Criminal Justice 1010

Biology 1010

Chem 1010

Communications 2010

Communications 2110

French 1010 Juniors and seniors have additional course offerings available and can earn their General Education Certificate or Associate Degree while in high school. We encourage anyone interested to contact the high school counselors for additional information.