Parent Guidance Resource

Kane School District has recently partnered with the Cook Center for Human Connections to provide free resources to parents and students to explore avenues and resources for mental health support. These free resources provide courses and resources to help boost mental health and protect against depression, anxiety, and uncertainty. According to, an estimated 10-20% of adolescents globally experience mental health conditions, 32% of parents feel their child is unhappy, and 50% of parents worry their child is struggling but don’t know what to do. Some of these free courses include How Digital Media is Changing our Children’s Mental Health, What are Basic Principals of Mental Health, Emotional and Physical Nourishment, Strategies for Effective Parenting, and Everyday Happiness. If you would like to access these resources, please connect to the district web page at and select the icon below, or if viewing this on the web, simply click the icon to be taken to their website.