Utah Legislative Update

The Utah Legislative session is nearly half over, with educational bills continuing to be the focal point of the House and Senate.  HB193 Full-day Kindergarten would require a school district to provide full-day Kindergarten options to parents and appropriates $47,735,300 ongoing, and $24,735,600 one-time from the Uniform School Fund. Currently, HB193 is being held in the House Rules Committee based on the fiscal note. We will wait to see if the bill makes it through the legislative session. HB211 School Fees Amendments would provide state funding to offset the cost for curricular and co-curricular school fees. However, a fiscal note is not attached to the bill at this time, while projected costs to cover the school curricular fees alone would likely exceed $55,000,000 state-wide.  If HB211 receives funding and passes the legislative session, it would remove curricular fees (relate to costs for a required class) but would still allow for fees to be charged for extra-curricular programs. As a district, we work with legislators to amend and create legislation supportive of public education, transparency, and academic accountability.  If you would like to review current legislative bills, please select the following link: https://le.utah.gov/DynaBill/BillList?session=2022GS