Progress on new KES Construction

I’d like to provide an update on the progress of the construction of the New Kanab Elementary School. The construction site currently has 40 workers assigned to the project this week; the following is a detailed list of the work completed, in progress, and planned.

Work Completed:                                                                                                           

Underground on-site utilities – water main, fireline, fire hydrants, storm drain, sewer      

Perimeter footings – Areas “A”, “B”, “C” & “D”                                                                     

Parking lot grades cut to sub-grade on west and north side of the building                             

Primary electrical feeds completed to all electrical rooms and data rooms                             

Underground plumbing completed – Areas “A”, “B”, “C” & “D”                                                     

Excavated footings – maintenance building                                                                                           

Building slab floor – classrooms                                                                                 

Stage retaining walls                                                                                                      

Stage floor slab                                                                                                                

Kitchen floor – Slab                                                                                                         

All bathroom floors                                                                                                        

Common area and hallway floors                                                                                             

Underground electrical – primary from building to offsite tie in                                                                    

Underground electrical conduits at the maintenance building for transformer and CT cabinet                                       

In progress:                                                       

Storm drain – off-site                     

Sewer – off-site                                                               

Off-site curb and gutter prep – Powell Dr., Kanab Creek Dr., Vermillion Dr.                                                             

Strip forms building slab                                                                                                                               

Parking lot lighting conduits                                                                                                       

Floor cleaning/Buffing – Prep for concrete wall panels                                                                                                     

Maintenance building footings                  

Work planned:                                                                                                 

Complete cleaning floors in preparation for wall panel casting                                                                                     

Maintenance building footings                                                                  

Landscaping PRV and backflow manifold in the maintenance building                                                                      

Form and cast wall panels – maintenance building and area “A”                                                                  

Mobilize crane onto site – week 1 of November                                                                                                                 

Stand wall panels – Maintenance building and area “A” – will take place right after the crane arrives on site                                                                                                                            

Decking and joist scheduled to arrive in October. Steelwork will begin as soon as panels are erected         

All trades will follow behind deck and joist to install their infrastructure for the building                                  

Pour/Slip with curb machine off-site curb and gutter – working to finalize a date

A few important dates to look forward to, the mobile crane used to lift walls in place will be on-site the first week of November at which point they will begin to stand the walls. We are excited about the progress of the new school and look forward to its completion.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to come into the district office anytime.  I’d like to thank all the neighbors for putting up with the traffic, noise, and lights. Your patience is appreciated!