New Grants for KCSD

Kane School District actively applies for state and federal grants to provide additional funding for student programs and resources. I’m pleased to announce that Kane School District has received the following grants for the upcoming school year:

  • Utah State Board of Education competitive grant for a district elementary school counselor, which is $150,000 each year over a three-year period totaling $450,000.
  • Utah State Board of Education qualifying grant for an Instructional Coach to improve instruction; $51,000 for two years totaling $102,000.
  • Utah State Board of Education competitive grant to provide computer science classes in grades K-12. $216,265 per year for four years totaling $865,060.

The computer science grant will allow students to learn block coding in the elementary grades and transition Python computer science coding in the 7th-12th grades. The grant also pays for industry-recognized certification tests in high school that can be used to build their digital portfolio and apply for internships with tech companies on the Wasatch front (Silicon Slopes). We anticipate students who participate in the computer science courses will graduate with a digital portfolio allowing them to directly enter the workforce and receive lucrative entry-level employment. 

The $1,417,060 in new funding for the district is just a small list of the many grants the district actively applies for and receives to provide additional resources to students. I would like to thank the Kane County School Board for their support and vision as we actively seek grants for the district. If you have questions about the computer science courses, please visit your school counselor.