Budget Hearing 2021

Kane County School Board recently held their budget hearing to close the current fiscal year (FY21) and adopt the district budget for the upcoming school year (FY22). During the budget hearing Business Administrator Cary Reese provided the board with very relative financial information and summaries pertaining to student enrollment, property taxes, federal, state, and local revenues with accompanying budget expenditures. Some of the highlights from the meeting included a student enrollment comparison from 2017 to 2021, which shows we have an increase of 31 students during this time period. Kane County School Board also approved the property tax rate for the new fiscal year. It is important to note that Kane County School District has not increased taxes for several years and the approved budget has no tax increases. Kane County School District has the 5th lowest tax rate in the state at .005002. The state average tax rate for schools in Utah is .006894 and South Sanpete District assesses the highest tax rate at .009642.  Another interesting fact for Kane County is that there are 4,130 secondary residences compared to 2,632 primary residences, which essentially means there are more second homes in our county than primary residences. As a district, we would like to extend an open invitation to anyone who has questions relating to Kane County School budgets to meet with Cary Reese anytime. I would like the thank Cary Reese for all of his work on the budget and the Kane County School Board for their continued financial stewardship over taxes and distributions to the schools. Below are the tax rates by school districts for your reference.