End of Year Events 2021

The Kane School District would like to thank the faculty, staff, students, and parents for your support of our schools and students.  It has been a collaborative effort by everyone to keep our school open during this unprecedented school year. We are pleased to inform the public that schools in the district will continue to hold the in-person end of year activities to honor graduates and celebrate individual student successes. The end-of-year activities are as follows and if you have specific questions, please contact your local school for additional information.  


May 24 – Honors Banquet at Kanab Center, 4:30 pm


May 28 – Awards Assembly. 8:45 for grades 1-3, 9:30 for grades 4-6


May 27 – 6th Grade Promotion, 1:00 pm


May 27 – Awards Assembly in the morning just for students

May 27 – 8th Grade Promotion, 4:30 pm at KHS auditorium, for 8th-grade parents and students


May 27 – Graduation, 7:00 pm


May 25 – Senior Award Banquet, 7:00 pm at Old Gym

May 28 – Awards Assembly, 8:30 am

May 28 – Graduation, 7:00 pm


May 19 – Graduation, 6:00 pm