Medical Mask Exemption

As of April 13, 2021, Kane County School District has decided to modify its practice for granting student exemptions from the mask requirement as provided for under the currently governing State Health Department order relating to masks in schools (Public Health Order 2021-2). 

Kane School District continues to follow the current state mask mandate issued by the Utah Department of health. The order provides that individuals who are prevented from wearing a mask because of a medical condition, mental health condition, or intellectual or developmental disability are exempt from the mask requirement. Although the order permits schools to require that a medical directive from a health care professional be provided which documents the need for such an exemption, the order does not mandate that schools require that form of documentation. The District has concluded that it is appropriate to grant student exemptions on the basis of conditions preventing students from wearing masks based on documentation of those conditions provided by the student’s parent. The District has provided parents with a form which can be used to provide this documentation.