KSD Reopening Plan Update

Kane School District has been extensively involved in creating a draft plan for school reopening for the upcoming school year.  We are hoping for a traditional start with all of our students entering school on the first day of school with specific guidelines, best practices and requirements in place, which align with Utah State School Board and Health Department directives.  A draft template has been created addressing classrooms, transition time, entry/exit points, transportation, restrooms, cafeterias, large group gatherings, unique courses with higher risk of spread, recess and playgrounds, and special education related services. The Utah State Board of Education has required all district boards to approve a reopening plan with state requirements and recommendations by August 1, 2020.  Kane County School Board will consider the approval of the district’s plan during their July 21st regular board meeting. We would encourage you to watch for emails from your building administrators with the Kane School District’s draft reopening plan over the next few weeks or access a copy of the plan on the district’s web at https://kanek12.org/ If you have questions or comments on the KSD’s draft plan to begin in the fall, you are welcome to email me at daltonb@kane.k12.ut.us  On a personal note,  I would like to thank Frank Wilhelm for his kind Kudos to Kanab Schools article published in the July 2nd Southern Utah News, your kind words are greatly appreciated!