District Update Coronavirus Prepartion

I had the opportunity to attend a meeting last Friday with State Superintendent Dickson where she discussed the critical need for school districts to prepare for possible school closures in the event of a Coronavirus outbreak in Utah. Dr. Dickson said schools will likely be closed in Utah as a result of the Coronavirus and as such, districts must be prepared to provide educational instruction in a digital setting. The Utah State Board of Education has committed to allow state funding to continue to flow to districts that provide educational instruction in an online setting. Kane School District has asked teachers to plan and prepare for digital instruction to be delivered to student. In the event of a school closure, the district would send Chromebooks home with all students. Teachers would need to continue to provide educational instruction through a digital platform such as Canvas, Google Classroom, etc. while utilizing digital programs like Aleks, ThinkCentral, Mastery Connect, Utah Compose, Lexia and/or Kane Digital High School (7th-12th grades) curriculum. 

We would ask for all parents to update their email and contact information in the ASPIRE (SIS) system to make sure we have the ability to contact you through our parent notification system. If you need to update your contact information, you can make the changes in SIS or you can contact the school secretary and they can make the needed changes.