Changes to Regents and New Century Scholarships

Earlier this year Utah Legislators made substantial changes to two popular state-funded scholarships geared toward high-achieving students. Beginning with the graduating class of 2021, both the Regents (based on rigorous high school course work) and New Century Scholarship (given to students who earn their associate degree in high school) will be phased out. Funding will be shifted to the Access Utah Promise Scholarships, which targets low-income families whose household income is less than $50,000 per year. The Regents Scholarship began in 2011 with a $16 million allocation for a series of math, science, and English classes. The New Century Scholarship used $2 million to cover the cost of tuition for students who earned their associate degree while attending high school. Students who have received the Regents or Century scholarships will continue to have access to the funding through completion.