General Obligation Bond

General Obligation Bond for new Kanab Elementary

I want to make you aware of a recent action the Kane County Board of Education has taken to move forward with the construction of a new elementary school in Kanab.  The board has been extensively involved and has worked diligently to take the needed steps in attempting to secure the funding for the new school.  With the recent approval from the board, the public will be able to vote on a General Obligation Bond that will appear on the November 5, 2019 ballot to fund a $23 million elementary school.  

If the voters approve the General Obligation Bond, it will allow the district to use the state of Utah’s AAA bond rating to receive a reduced interest rate on the funding allocation.  There will be NO TAX INCREASE associated with the General Obligation Bond because we will make the yearly payment with Voted Local Levy revenue that was approved by the voters in 2012.  

Please know that the sight location, building structure, and layout have not been decided.  The district would like to secure the General Obligation Funding first and then move forward with hiring architects and general contractors.  We are planning to visit each school, city councils and the community to provide them with the specific information on the General Obligation Bond.  Please watch for additional information from the district to learn more about the General Obligation Bond. 

I would like to thank the Kane County School Board for their hard work and fiscal responsibility, which allows a project of this magnitude to move forward.  

Ben Dalton


Kane School District