USBE Talent Map Program

The Utah State Board of Education has recently approved a statewide model that identifies the ideal characteristics of a Utah graduate after going through the K-12 system. The Portrait of a Graduate model is called Utah Talent MAP and was created through a state task force comprised of state office board members and USBE staff, where they relied heavily on statewide surveys and feedback from educators, students, parents, and other community members. The Utah Talent MAP standards are as follows:

Mastery: the ability to demonstrate depth of knowledge and skill proficiency.

Autonomy: having the self-confidence and motivation to think and act independently.

Purpose: guides life decisions, influences behavior, shapes goals, offers a sense of direction, and creates meaning.

State school board member Laura Belnap said, “The Portrait of a Graduate is about creating a holistic view of what we expect from students in Utah.” You can access the Utah Talent MAP at the following link: