Active Covid-19 Cases

The Kane School District COVID Dashboard has been prepared to help our patrons understand the extent to which our schools are impacted by the virus.  When a student is diagnosed with COVID-19, any students and staff who are found to have been in a high risk situation, (within 6 feet for a period of fifteen or more minutes) are placed on a mandatory 14-day quarantine. We have no cases to date of the virus being passed at school to either students or staff.  We feel this at least in part due to the mandatory mask order that we follow.  Those students and staff who have actually been infected, have been affected away from the school.  We are striving to maintain a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students and staff.  Your continued support in keeping students and staff home who are ill, and wearing masks at all of our facilities is greatly appreciated.  It is our deepest desire to keep our schools functioning as nearly normal as possible.