Section B—Local District Governance

BA          Board Legal Status

BAA       Board Powers & Duties

BBA        Board Eligibility & Qualifications

BBAA     Board Members Student

BBB        Board Elections & Reapportionment

BBC        Board Vacancies

BBF1      Board Code of Ethics

BBF2      Board Code of Ethics(part 2)

BBG        Board Compensation

BCA        District Mission

BCB        Belief Statement

BCC        Educational Philosophy

BD          Board Internal Operations

BDA       Board Organization, Other Officers

BDAB     President of Board Duties

BE           Board Meetings

BEA        Notice Requirement

BEB        Board Meeting Recordings

BEC        Closed Meetings

BED        Meeting Locations

BEE2      Electronic Meetings

BF           Community Involvement

BJA         Superintendent Appointment

BJB         Superintendent Qualifications & Responsibilities

BJC         Superintendent Evaluations

BJD         Superintendent Dismissal

BKA        Business Admin Appointment

BKB        BA Qualifications and Responsibilities

BKC        Business Admin Evaluations

BKD        Business Admin Dismissal

BL           Administrative Personnel Appointment

BLA        Administrative Personnel Principals

BLB         Administrative Personnel Evaluations

BM         Charter School Sponsorship

BU          District Annual Reports


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